On Cashmere

The choice of materials for products emanating from the Cortiletto dei Sassi has largely fallen on cashmere, a material known as the prince of yarns because of its universally recognized intrinsic qualities of warmth and lightness. By the same token pure silk, with its thermoregulatory properties, is suitable for every season and every occasion, both elegant and striking.

Opting for precious materials now takes on an even greater ethical value, because it signifies a rebuttal of the swift-changing imperatives of fashion collections, laying the ground for a complete and consistent qualitatively intrinsic path of sustainability and beauty.

A garment in cashmere and/or silk is a garment that will be worm until it is threadbare.
It is an ethical choice made in the light of another renaissance, one that has surfaced in different guises in the past, and to which Raphael himself subscribed by acquiring extremely precious clothes and wearing them to rags.
Yet Hyrcus is actually the name of the Himalayan goat that has inhabited one of the harshest environments on Earth for 7500 years. These hardy creatures are able to withstand the bitterest climates of the Kashmir region due to their double-layers of hair- a rough outer coat protects both the animal and its fine cashmere undercoat. Hyrcus goats are delicately combed to remove their soft, white cashmere fibers, without harming the goat in any way.
Wearing cashmere is a life-style choise. It is so warm, yet so light-weight, it feels like a caress against your skin.

Cashmere requires settling of the fabric after initial use. Cashmere requires careful washing and brushing, particularly after purchase, to avoid pilling.

Take care of your cashmere garment and it will remain a beautiful addition to your wardrobe for years to come.


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