Every single Cortiletto dei Sassi product can be personalised or made to measure on request. Cortiletto dei Sassi creations stem from a desire to give pleasure that is ingrained in the hearts and minds of its employees, freedom from constraints of any kind, an energetic and positive view of life, and a powerful injection of sensuality.

Cortiletto dei Sassi collections are made up of a small number of pieces, frequently one-offs, the culmination of an unusual extremely receptive and visionary sensitivity expressed purely and generously, vehicles for a tangible and constantly propositional vital force.

Moreover, products such as these are targeted at those who , in an increasingly conscious refusal to validate the old, established production system and the consequent affirmation of a new identificatory criterion, allow their personalities and uniqueness to prevail, by expressing their own unfettered feelings and aesthetic taste in a quest for personal equilibrium.

The garments and accessories produced by the Cortiletto dei Sassi encompass all sectors of feminine application, in the firm belief that hands, unlike machines, have no limitations and that their capabilities stem from many decades of experience in the various techniques involved in manual work employing a variety of different tools.
These techniques range from the very ancient to the cutting-edge, embracing any relevant new and original solutions.

All this means that every single piece is unique, the result of a slow and meticulous production process, on a fundamentally human scale. It is exactly this sense that creativity becomes extrinsic, an expression of creative tension that prizes top quality materials, a quest for style imbued with cultural values and unstinting attention to detail.

In general terms, people who opt for artisan products are not just exercising the principle of qualitative selection, but are also making a wise investment in the certainty of short and long-term financial return. All the above intrinsic and extrinsic factors go to show that a return to manual skills means a return to civilisation.

Timeless dressing and extracting every ounce of use from clothes are considerations that bring the Cortiletto dei Sassi creations into line with what is now a global and increasingly environmentally sustainable cultural and economic force, in which respect for the environment wins hands down over frivolous and ephemeral consumer products.


Il Cortiletto dei Sassi
di Beatrice Conte

Via San Rocco, 39
75100 Matera

Tel. +39 0835 335498

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